About Us

We Are a Global Collective that Unearths, Discovers & Develops Content to Impact & Benefit Others

Much of today’s content has become formulaic and insensitive, lacking heart and depth. MindRiot intentionally crafts, writes, and develops transmedia for physical production, with a focus on true stories and original content that aspires to make viewers feel humanity’s shared heroic and heartfelt journeys.

MindRiot’s mission, in a non-didactic way, is to do our part in making the world a better place for everyone.

Since our formation, MindRiot has already delivered on its intentions in just two years. The New York Times called our first film, Parallel, one of the 5 best sci-fi films of 2024. And now, as our founder’s script, Tow, wraps with an Oscar-winning cast and incredible director, our slate keeps growing.

With branches in Los Angeles, Vancouver, Seattle, Nashville, and Dublin, MindRiot is just getting started. For those in our circles and fans of our work, we thank you for your support… Stay tuned!!

Our Team


Jonathan H. Keasey


Jonathan is an acclaimed screenwriter, producer, story hunter and proud member of the Writers Guild of America. He has been hired to write films for studios from Hollywood to Canada, France to China, Central America to Africa, and now across the Oceans. As a descendant of Anne Hutchinson, credited by The Smithsonian as North America’s first Feminist and banished for heresy, to the descendant of a Presidential Speechwriter and whistleblower, and a proud grandson of a woman who set speed-records as a typist for a grocery chain, Jonathan does his best to follow in their footsteps and relay stories that will have a lasting, positive impact.  But most important of all, he just wants to make his wife, kids and parents proud before he becomes nutrients for an apple orchard.

Randa Minkarah

Chief Operating Officer
Randa shines where tech and media intersect. Her love for the arts began in college where she wrote, shot, and edited films while spinning records as a DJ from Lebanon to WFIB in Cincinnati. Randa’s global career spans the sales side of TV to becoming the SVP of a publicly traded, integrated media company. Always ahead of the curve, Randa imagined and then co-founded a machine-learning/AI startup for media conglomerates that analyzed content via data and critical A/V elements that garnered human eyeballs. With a hyper creative mind, Randa’s strategic ideas often materialize while riding horses, cooking epicurean delights, doting on her international family, her husband, MindRiot’s ventures, and her rescued German Shepherds who will first kindly bark, and then protect.
Headshot of Steve Banks

Steven Banks, Jr

Head of Sports Content & DEI

With deep roots in the Emerald City, graced by a father who played with everyone from Quincy to Jimi, Banks was dribbling to Kid Sensation and Digable Planets in the ‘80s, while his childhood buddy, Keasey, was skating to Depeche Mode and Soundgarden. After playing college hoops, Banks helped steward the careers of Jamal Crawford, Dwight Howard, Kevin Durant, among others, while earning the love of NBA legend Gary Payton. Banks has dedicated his life to advocating for Black athletes and artists, as well as other marginalized communities. Thirty years later, Banks and Keasey have joined forces after cutting their teeth in the brutal worlds of film, sports and music. Now that their childhood dreams have come true, “Snook & Keasey” have formed a squad who put talent first, and all the “stuff” second.
Dr Justin MacGregor

Dr. Justin MacGregor

Head of Transatlantic Content
Justin is the Head of Film at Trinity College, Dublin. His first feature film, “The Vigil (for Kurt Cobain)” screened at film festivals from Vancouver to Mumbai and was released by Vanguard Int’l and played on television sets worldwide after its theatrical run. His latest documentary, “Is There Anybody Out There? Young Voices from Inside a Pandemic” struck another sonic chord at a pivotal time, and premiered at the Virgin Media Dublin Int’l Film Festival in 2021. In between, MacGregor’s award-winning theatre work includes the anti-war trilogy “The Play That Killed Me,” “God Wept and the Devil Laughed,” and “The Lonely Clouds of Guernica.” With a catalogue of work that’s supported from Trinity to UNESCO, mayhaps Justin’s coolest trophy of all is being banned from rogue nations for writing the truth.
Photo of Ryan Link at home with his family.

Ryan Link

SVP of Production & Creative Development / CTO

A true Renaissance throwback, Ryan Link can claim to do it all with minimal impostor syndrome. This math-degreed and Berklee-trained leading man has trod the boards on Broadway and on tour with Once, HAiR, RENT, and such. You may just have missed him in bit parts on TV, not to mention as a songwriter/drummer and member of several bands that probably flew under your radar. This thespian and top-secret techie has performed for audiences from New York to Tokyo, San Diego to Miami, and Calgary to Kathmandu (ok, not Nepal yet, but it’s on the bucket list). Link now runs point in MindRiot’s Nashville field office. He shares his home with two kids under 5, a pair of rescue dogs, and his equally artsy and arguably more talented wife, Allison, owner/director of kids’ music center Tenn Little Birds.

Headshot of Laura Maxant

Laura Maxant

Creative Executive

With 10-plus years in the entertainment industry under her belt, Laura has deftly chartered a path that tethers her inherent creativity to a knack for operations and logistics. Having worked with Oscar-nominated producers and on an Emmy-nominated series, Laura’s come a long way from her first job as a “lock-up” PA, which jump-started her career in New York. Since then, Laura has braved the bustling media hubs of Manhattan, Los Angeles, and Paris to expand her industry insights across continents.

A headshot of Nathan Snow.

Nathan Snow

Creative Executive

From Montana to Seattle, Atlanta to Manhattan, and now Dublin, Nathan has worked around the globe from scribe to actor and other facets of film and theatre. With a knack onstage and on-the-page, Nathan hit the road at a young age in the hard knock hubs of show biz before catching the eye of Dr. MacGregor and then Keasey. Whether Brooklyn, Livingston or Belfast, Nathan knows when to look left or right to avoid getting sprayed with mud.

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